The Science of Lumixyl

Superior Skin Science backed by Stanford Research

Lumixyl is the only skincare product formulated with the patented, potent & powerful Decapeptide-12, the Lumixyl peptide, discovered by Stanford Researchers & Dermatologists.

How Does It Brighten?

Tyrosinase is the melanin-producing enzyme used by skin for the production of pigment (what give skin its color). Certain indications, like excessive sun exposure or hormone fluctuations, can cause overproduction of the tyrosinase enzyme. The excess pigment floods the skin’s surface and creates dark spots and discoloration. Skin looks prematurely aged, blotchy, and uneven.

The Lumixyl peptide works by binding to tyrosinase: This prevents tyrosinase from being used in the production of melanin, subsequently reducing visible surface spots and discoloration.

Since its initial launch in 2010, the Lumixyl peptide has been the subject of several clinical studies.  Each has confirmed its ability to significantly improve skin tone and texture, reducing the appearance of melasma, photodamage, and hyperpigmentation for virtually all skin types.

Lumixyl products pair the Lumixyl peptide with powerful, clinically-proven anti-aging ingredient including retinol, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants to deliver total skin rejuvenation.