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Miracle Aesthetic is found in the year 2009 in Klang. With the use of world latest  technology in DermalInfusion and the unique skill of the aesthetician, we are able to build a huge number of loyal customer. Most of the technology used in Miracle Aesthetic have obtain FDA certificate, CE and Clinical paper to prove its safety & efficacies.

About Lumixyl

Lumixyl is a non-toxic, non-irritating, synthetic peptide technology that is clinically shown to significantly improve the appearance of unwanted discoloration, age spots, sun spots and uneven skin tone.

Developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University, Lumixyl’s ground-breaking Decapeptide-12 is the only peptide shown to measurably aid the skin in restraining tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin that can cause uneven pigmentation and dark spots.

Studies show that Decapeptide-12 helps inhibit the production of melanin more efficaciously than hydroquinone – reducing melanin synthesis by as much as 40 percent compared to treatments with hydroquinone, which reduced production by only 7 percent in the same study. These results are one reason Lumixyl is considered by many to be the first real alternative to Hydroquinone.